Laser metal deposition can be used for coating and repair purposes, to generate entire components, and for joining processes such as bridging gaps. In the field of additive manufacturing, it is also ideal for generating entire components and combining different manufacturing methods.

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Direct Manufacturing

builds directly from CAD files. The laser deposition system builds the part, layer by layer. It can build complex shapes, prototyping & manufacturing some parts in far less time than any other technique .

High-value or bespoke parts

LMD can be used in any industry which requires the creation or repair of high-value or bespoke parts , especially those on the larger scale. Aerospace, oil & gas, power and tooling sectors .

Moulds Repair

It is used to repair high-value parts such as the aeroengine components & the military vehicles. It is used in tipping of turbine blades, in surfacing of oil & gas drilling components .

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Aluminum Inconel Maraging Steel Stainless Steel Titanium Cobalt Chromium Nickel Iron Alloy

Key Features

  • Lead time:  7 days
  • Cost:  $$$
  • Accuracy:  1 µm
  • Geometrical complexity:  medium
  • Recommended batch size:  5-10

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